We can supply crew transfer vessels, safety boats and fast rescue craft complete with coxswain and crew for construction support, survey work and general duties.

Our Vessels Include:

Isle of Jura

Renewables Service Vessel

Multifaceted vessel suitable for many disciplines, scheduled for delivery in August 2019

WB1 Barge

Working Steel Barge

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Woodstock 1

Self-Propelled Crane Barge

Self-Propelled Crane Barge with 36T of lift and a large deck area. With on board accommodation for up to 10 people it’s ideally suited for construction projects, diving, salvage, ROV support, near-shore cable and pipeline installation.

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Teal of Wick

Multi-Purpose Catamaran Workboat

Suitable for dive support, salvage, recovery, ROV and survey. IMCA Compliant Dive System on board.

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Multipurpose Damen Stan Tug

1605 MCA category 3 with 14T bollard pull and speed of up to 10.4 knots.

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MCA Category 2 Catamaran Workboat

Ideal for passenger transport and survey.

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Alloy Catamaran

Multi-purpose alloy catamaran capable of shallow water operations; carrying capacity of 2 tonnes and 2 crew.


Polarcirkel Workboat

Two multi-purpose fast rescue crafts, capable of shallow water operations and capable of carrying 1000kgs and two crew or 8 personnel in total

Ben Crom

Steel hulled, general purpose workboat

Ben Crom is a steel hulled, general purpose workboat capable of undertaking and supporting a wide range of marine and sub-marine operations.

Loch Shiel

Steel Workboat

This vessel is suitable to undertake a number of roles including trials support, marine survey, ROV operations and general tug duties.

Red Baron

Steel Hulled Barge

Red Baron is a steel hulled barge, which is generally used for teaching on our air diving courses. The barge has a decompression chamber below deck.


Fast Rescue Craft

Multi-purpose personnel fast rescue craft capable of shallow water operations, and of carrying two crew and 8 passengers.